Top-5 Fantasy Football Players At Each Position
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Fantasy Football
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With the National Football League season only a few weeks away, millions of people are getting amped up for the fantasy season ahead. Most NFL fantasy drafts occur after the third preseason game, which means millions of people are anxiously awaiting their chance to select the perfect team - and yes, I said Millions.

According to Forbes Magazine there are roughly 33-million people now participating in fantasy football. Of the 33-million participants, nearly 20 percent are women - a number that also continues to rise.

Here are ESPN's top-5 players for each position in fantasy football. These numbers and values are based on the average scoring system of most fantasy football leagues.


1. Aaron Rodgers (Overall Rank: 20)

2. Andrew Luck (Overall Rank: 25)

3. Russell Wilson (Overall Rank: 36)

4. Peyton Manning (Overall Rank: 38)

5. Drew Brees (Overall Rank: 43)

Running Backs

1. Le'Veon Bell (Overall Rank: 1)

2. Adrian Peterson (Overall Rank: 2)

3. Eddie Lacy (Overall Rank: 3)

4. Jamaal Charles (Overall Rank: 4)

5. Marshawn Lynch (Overall Rank: 5)

Wide Receivers

1. Antonio Brown (Overall Rank: 6)

2. Demaryius Thomas (Overall Rank: 10)

3. Dez Bryant (Overall Rank: 13)

4. Odell Beckham Jr. (Overall Rank: 15)

5. Julio Jones (Overall Rank: 16)

Tight Ends

1. Rob Gronkowski (Overall Rank: 12)

2. Jimmy Graham (Overall Rank: 32)

3. Greg Olson (Overall Rank: 63)

4. Travis Kelce (Overall Rank: 70)

5. Martellus Bennett (Overall Rank: 76)

Defense/Special Teams

1. Seattle Seahawks (Overall Rank: 127)

2. Buffalo Bills (Overall Rank: 129)

3. Houston Texans (Overall Rank: 133)

4. St. Louis Rams (Overall Rank: 134)

5. New York Jets (Overall Rank: 140)


1. Stephen Gostkowski (Overall Rank: 151)

2. Adam Vinatieri (Overall Rank: 152)

3. Steven Hauschka (Overall Rank: 153)

4. Connor Barth (Overall Rank: 154)

5. Justin Tucker (Overall Rank: 155)