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Seattle Seahawks Michael Bennett to Host Sports Camp in Lower Brule

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Photo of Micheal Bennett
The Bennett Foundation

This coming Saturday, Michael Bennett, a Seattle Seahawks defensive end and Super Bowl Champion will be visiting Lower Brule High School to host an O.C.E.A.N. Sports camp sponsored by the Bennett Foundation and local Sioux Tribe.

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O.C.E.A.N. serves as the mission statement for the organization, seeking to “fight Obesity through Community, Education, Activity, and Nutrition. These targeted sports camps have taken place across the United States, residing primarily in Washington, Texas, and Hawaii.

Recognizing a need for nutrition and health education in rural South Dakota, the Bennett Foundation has chosen to establish roots in Lower Brule. The foundation seeks full community involvement in pursuing a healthy living style.

“We didn’t want this to be the Bennett Foundation coming to Lower Brule, we really wanted to make this a community effort,” Tusi Fire Cloud, an event coordinator for the Bennett Foundation said. “Doing that, we got the tribe involved, we got local health programs involved, we got sponsorship and donations from local companies…[and] it was a beautiful thing to see”.

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As Texas natives, Bennett and Fire Cloud grew up surrounded by strong black and Polynesian communities. They realized that many of the same struggles also exist within the native population, leading them to expand their educational efforts.

“Mike [uses] his platform for his activism and for giving a voice to communities that don’t have a voice”, Fire Cloud said. “I’ve seen the feedback from kids…and adults, and it’s always positive. It’s a great thing for them to get inspired and want to carry that on”.

The free event will include a mini health expo, family clinic, and high school fitness challenge. Community members of all ages are welcome to attend.

For more information on the upcoming event and registration, visit