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South Dakota Results, National High School Rodeo Finals
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Complete Team Standings

South Dakota Placed 9th

Girls Team Standings

South Dakota Placed 9th

Boys Team Standings

South Dakota Placed 10th

Barrel Racing

Shayla Howell (Belle Fourche) – 16th Overall

Boys Cutting

Cooper Crago (Belle Fourche) – 12th Overall

Bodie Mattson (Sturgis) – 13th Overall

Jackson Grimes (Kadoka) – 30th Overall

Blasé Seffen (Gregory) – 46th Overall

Breakaway Roping

Sawyer Gilber (Buffalo) – 31st Overall

Riley Donnelly (Elk Point) – 40th Overall

Mikenzy Miller (Faith) – 87th Overall

Bull Riding

TJ Schmidt (Belle Fourche) – 4th Overall

David Hartshorn (Rapid City) – 26th Overall

Tie-Down Roping

Dillon Sacket (Alcester) – 34th Overall

Tanner Fite (Hermosa) – 124th Overall

Girls Cutting

Kailyn Groves (Faith) – 22nd Overall

Emilee Pauley (Wall) – 25th Overall

Lexi Lopez (Keldron) – 64th Overall

Sage Gabriel (Quinn) – 70th Overall

Goat Tying

Molly Rotenberger (Ludlow) – 13th Overall

Madison Rotenberger (Ludlow) 39th Overall

Sawyer Gilbert (Buffalo) – 60th Overall

Jill Donnelly (Elk Point) – 94th Overall

Emilee Pauley (Wall) – 95th Overall

Natalie Leisinger (Highmore) – 118th Overall

Pole Bending

Mikenzy Miller (Faith) – 39th Overall

Riley Donnelly (Elk Point) – 67th Overall

Sid Ferguson (Dupree) – 70th Overall

Madi Moody (Letcher) – 128th Overall

Saddle Bronc

Cash Wilson (Wall) – 1st Overall

Trey Elshere (Quinn) – 25th Overall

Dylan Schofield (Philip) 25th Overall

Steer Wrestling

Alex Bergeson (Mitchell) – 13th Overall

Seth Shorb (Hermosa) – 38th Overall

Wynn Schaack (Wall) – 41st Overall

Samuel Adams (Buffalo) – 78th Overall

Team Roping

Marty McPherson (Piedmont) and Blair Lammers (Hartford) – 34th Overall

Chance Derner (New Underwood) and Thane Lockart (Oelrichs) – 50th Overall

Reigned Cow Horse

Natalie Leisinger (Highmore) – 2nd Overall

Reece Ullerich (Humbolt) – 20th Overall

Jill Donnelly (Elk Point) – 51st Overall

Sierra Ward (Fruitdale) – 61st Overall

AQHA Boys Horse of the Year

Dualin Lights (Cooper Crago) – 4th Overall

Queen Contest

Sage Gabriel (Quinn) – 8th overall

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