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Tales of the Gridiron: Everyone Starts Somewhere
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high school football players

The state high school football playoffs are underway. Teams from around South Dakota are pushing ahead with dreams of playing for a state title. With every team, there is a story, and with every story - there's a beginning. Football players had to start somewhere, and these young kids from Lead/Deadwood are just one example.

Jarred Burleson is a peewee football coach in Lead/Deadwood who played football for the community from 1999-2002.

“The junior peewee group, we’ve got a lot of pretty close nit kids that do different activities. A lot of them are very sports oriented, so they move from the different sports with each other,” said Burleson. “And that’s just really great when you have kids two-three sports in a year. It helps build that comradely and help them work together a lot better.”

Burleson said he still loves the game of football and explained how special it is to watch young kids getting in touch with the sport.