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The Los Angeles Rams?
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Los Angeles Rams

The St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke has plans to build a new football stadium in Los Angeles, which will no doubt bring an NFL team back to the city. The National Football League has discussed bringing a team back to LA for more than a decade. Some of the lower valued teams in the league include the Jaguars, Rams, Raiders, and Chargers. These teams have all been rumored as possible candidates to make the move to LA.

Here’s why the St. Louis Rams make the most sense...

The St. Louis Rams have been the St. Louis Rams since 1995. From 1946-1994, they were the Los Angeles Rams. There is still a strong fan base in California for the current Rams franchise, so they’d likely be welcomed back with open arms.

Secondly, the Rams are struggling big time in getting fans to come to their home games. If the NFL wouldn’t have initiated a new blackout broadcast policy, there’s a strong chance that more than a few Rams home games in 2014 would have been blacked out to fans within a 50-mile radius of St. Louis. The lack of interest from fans in St. Louis is enough to see there’s a problem in the team’s current location.

Finally, the NFL wouldn’t have to revamp their divisions or conferences. The St. Louis Rams currently hail from the NFC West division. Their opponents in the NFC West are the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and the Arizona Cardinals. If the Rams moved west to California, they could keep the division in tact, and really it would even make more sense, based on geographic location.

Does Los Angeles deserve an NFL team again? Do you think the Rams are the best option to move?