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Ways Kids Can Help Prepare for a Family Gathering

A young boy is hanging over the back of a dining room chair, smiling big! In the background you can see 7 adults seated around the Thanksgiving table, slightly blurred, so the focus is on the boy in the foreground.

Before a big event or family gathering, there’s much to do! Kids often ask, “How can we help?” because they want to participate, too. Everyone is important in a family and community — including the kids! Finding ways to include your kids in the event can make it more meaningful for everyone.

In an episode of “Work It Out Wombats,” the entire neighborhood celebrates Harvest Day together. Before the feast, Malik, Zeke, and Zadie help pick ripe vegetables, cook the stew, play games, and say what they are thankful for. When children can help, they share the responsibility and the fun.