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How do I contact Member Services?

You can contact Member Services by


Phone: 605-677-5861

(9:00 am to 4:00 pm Central Time)


Mail: Friends of SDPB

601 N Phillips Ave, Suite 100

Sioux Falls, SD 57104



Where can I send a donation by mail?

Please send donations/payments to:

Friends of SDPB

PO BOX 5000

Sioux Falls, SD 57117



Can I make a donation online?

Yes, you can give online at



Does Friends of SDPB exchange or sell mailing lists?

The Friends of SDPB does NOT exchange or sell lists with any other organization or business. We value your privacy.



Is my gift to SDPB tax-deductible?

Yes. Your gift to SDPB is fully tax-deductible, minus the fair market value of any thank-you gifts requested. You will receive a summary of your donations for tax purposes in January for the previous year.



How can I volunteer and get involved?

SDPB relies on dedicated people to volunteer for a variety of duties, from answering phones during membership drives to assisting with special events and projects throughout the year. Volunteering is a great way to get an insider’s view of public television and public radio and to meet new friends with common interests. For more information about these opportunities, contact Member Services.



Can I include SDPB in my will, living trust, or other estate plans?

Yes, you can make a bequest to South Dakota Public Broadcasting through your will or living trust by designating a percentage of your total estate, the residue, a portion of the residue, or a specific dollar amount. Find out more on our planned giving page.



Do you accept donations of vehicles?

Support programming like "Dakota Life", "Sesame Street", and all of the great public programming you love when you donate a vehicle to South Dakota Public Broadcasting. Car donations provide crucial support for South Dakota Public Broadcasting and helps them to continue bringing your community great public programs. Click here for to donate a vehicle today.



When does my membership expire?

Please contact Member Services for membership information. If you receive the SDPB Magazine by mail, the expiration date is printed on the mailing label as well.



How can I update my membership contact information?

Contact Member Services.




I have not received my Magazine. How can I get one this month?

Your SDPB Magazine should arrive by the first of each month. If you do not receive your magazine by the 5th of the month, contact Member Services to request a replacement copy. We will double-check to make sure we have the correct address and that your membership has not expired. We also send out an electronic version of the guide by email.



How do I give a gift membership?

Contact Members Services or mail in your donation to Friends of SDPB. Please include your name and address, as well as the name and address of the gift recipient. If you decide to donate online, in the comments section at the bottom of the pledge form, include the name and address of the gift recipient. We’ll send the recipient a letter notifying the person that he or she has received a gift membership. We will also mail the gift/tribute recipient any premium gift you’ve chosen for them.



How do I give a memorial gift?

You may donate online at, contact Member Services, or mail a gift to Friends of SDPB. Please include (1) your name and contact information, (2) the name of the person being memorialized (3) contact information for the family to receive notification of your gift.

Please remember that if you decide to donate online, include the requested information in the comments section at the bottom of the donation form.

Memorial pledges are listed in the monthly SDPB Magazine unless otherwise specified.

We will send any family members or friends you specify a memorial letter notifying them of your donation, and we’ll mail you an acknowledgement letter of your gift.



I already sent in a donation, why did I receive another request?

During your membership year, you may receive a request for an additional contribution beyond your “regular” annual gift, either by email, mail or telephone. Additional contributions from current members are an important part of our strong member support.

Our experience shows that many Friends of SDPB members who feel they would like to, but cannot give a larger contribution when renewing, send “extra” gifts during their membership year. These gifts do not extend your membership year and should not be confused with renewal reminders.


Is it possible to make monthly installment payments for my donation?

Yes. We recognize that an installment gift is a way to budget your donation, by spreading your payments out over 12 monthly payments. (Some people give quarterly or semi-annually.) We offer the convenience of monthly contributions via EFT (electronic fund transfer from your checking or savings account) or by Credit/Debit card.

The most important distinction between the installment pledge and sustaining membership is that the sustaining membership is ongoing, while the installment gift plan ends when your pledge is fulfilled, meaning that you will need to pledge again next year in order to keep your membership active.



I just pledged to give monthly. When will my account be debited?

If you made a donation by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) from your checking or savings account, it may take up to 10 days to process your payment and will not appear on your banking institution's account immediately. Grouping these transactions together saves us considerable expense and we want to be the best stewards of the resources we have available. In future months, EFT installment or sustaining gifts are processed on the 10th and 20th of each month.

If you make a donation by Credit Card, it may take up to 72 hours to process your payment and will not appear on your banking institution's account immediately. In future months, Credit Card installment or sustaining gifts will be processed on the 5th of each month, or the next business day.



How can I change my payment information for my monthly donation?

You can update your information in one of three easy ways. 

First, you can update your credit card payment information here: Update My Payment 

This will replace your existing information with the updated payment information that you provide.

Second, you can convert your credit card payment to an electronic check at the update-my-payment link listed above. A major benefit of Electronic Check (also known as Electronic Funds Transfer, or EFT) is that it does not need to be updated when your credit or debit card number changes. Payments by Electronic Check also saves SDPB considerable processing fees.

Third, you may call Member Services at 800.456.0766.



I've already donated. How can I get my gift matched by my employer?

Check with your Human Resources department to obtain your company’s matching gift form and fill out the employee section of the form. Your company may need the acknowledgement letter we’ve mailed to you in order to begin processing a matching gift.

Please be aware that your company may deduct the Fair Market Value of any thank-you gift(s) before determining the amount that they will match.

Send the form to Member Services



Passport Questions

What is Passport?

SDPB Passport is a video streaming service similar to Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, and others that provides on-demand access to SDPB and PBS video content.



How do I get Passport?

All Members who contribute $60 or more in a year receive access to SDBP Passport. Click here to get Passport today!



How can I access Passport on my Smart TV?

If you encounter any difficulty activating your SDPB Passport account or getting the streaming service set up on your computer, tablet or smart tv, there is dedicated customer service phone support at 844-831-7372, M-F 9am-10pm Central or 24/7 online at



Why did my Passport account stop working?

The most common answer is that your membership expired. If that is the case, you can re-activate your membership, including your SPDB Passport by making a donation at Contact Member Services with all other Passport related questions.



Sustaining Membership Questions

What is Sustaining Membership?

SDPB’s Sustaining Members give on a recurring basis, most often monthly. Sustaining memberships save time, fees, and material resources as we will not be sending you renewal notices in the mail. Sustaining Memberships also create a dependable base of support for SDPB.

As a Sustaining Member your donation will be debited from your account each month and your membership will be automatically renewed at the end of your membership year. Each January, we will send you a record of your giving history for tax purposes. Of course, you can change or cancel your payments any time.

The first and most efficient sustaining gift method is by EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) from your Checking/Savings account. Your EFT gift does not need to be updated if your Credit/Debit card is compromised or the expiration date changes and the fees that Friends of SDPB incurs are nominal.

The second sustaining gift option is by Credit/Debit card. While Friends of SDPB does pay a credit card processing fee for your recurring gift, this is convenient and easy for you as a member.



Do I qualify for a thank-you gift as a Sustaining Member?

Yes. You are eligible for a gift every year. To request a thank-you gift, contact Member Services.



I am a Sustaining Member. How can I make changes to my gift amount?

Contact Member Services during regular business hours. Be sure to include your contact information and/or membership ID number in your message.



Why am I getting renewal notices? I thought I was a Sustaining Member.

The most common answer is that your 12-month installment pledge has been fulfilled. Installment pledges are not the same as Sustaining Membership, as they do not automatically renew year after year. Please contact Member Services with questions.



How do I cancel or suspend my Sustaining Membership?

Contact Member Services. You will need to provide your contact information including mailing address, phone number and email in order to cancel your membership.


Thank-you Gift Questions

When will my thank-you gift arrive?

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks from the time you make your donation for your selected thank you gift to arrive. If it has been longer than 8 weeks, please contact Member Services.



Why haven't I received my tickets yet?

Once you purchase tickets to an event, Member Services will contact you regarding when your tickets will be available and how you will receive them.



Where is the list of thank-you gifts I can choose from?

Our thank you gifts change frequently. The current list of Thank-You gifts available can be found at