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Underwriting May 1, 2020 Town Hall Call


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Brand Alignment

Align your brand with our reputation for brave, unbiased, insightful programming, and audiences who share your values.

Meaningful Messages

Connect with your target audience by using direct, category-exclusive messages that align with your mission and values.

Flexible Options

Customize packages by program, platform, and partnership level to maximize your marketing spend.

Award-Winning Content

Sponsor Emmy Award-winning content, expert storytelling, and programs that make your audience think, cheer, and reflect.

Local and National Reach

Engage and convert state, regional, and national audiences based on their interest, location, and message.

Multi-Platform Packages

Deliver multi-platform experiences on TV, radio, digital, social media, and through content partnerships and event sponsorship.

Your Message: The right place. The right time. The right price.