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After 35 pledge drives together, what does Ira Glass say when he finds out his producer, Seth, had never made a pledge to public radio? Watch the video here to find out!

You know that feeling when you hear that familiar voice on SDPB and everything just clicks? That's the magic of public radio, and you're already a part of it!

But guess what? You can be more than just a listener—you can be a hero of public radio too!

Think about it: by becoming a member, you're not just supporting your favorite shows, you're fueling our growth and the engine of public broadcasting. It's like giving a high-five to the amazing journalists, storytellers, and hosts who bring you the news, the laughs, and the "aha" moments every day.

And so for this pledge drive, this year, we thought: What is an appropriate thank you gift that we could send to you? And the thing we came up with … we thought maybe you could use a drink. Yes, we all need to confront the realities of our world. That’s one of the reasons we listen to public radio. But sometimes we need a little break. And with that in mind, we’ve created barware. This American Life shot glasses and beer glasses. You can either get two shot glasses or two beer glasses, whichever you prefer, when you join SDPB. (If you do not drink alcohol, stay with that. Do not change anything. These glasses can also hold any type of non-alcoholic liquid as well.)

Donate, choose a thank you gift, and support SDPB!