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Membership support is what keeps SDPB strong and its programs diverse.
To become a member, renew your membership or give an additional gift.

How do you become a member?
That's easy! Select a contribution level that fits your budget. Friends of SDPB Memberships begin at the $40 annual level. Friends of SDPB Members receive the monthly SDPB Magazine with TV listings and show descriptions, radio programs information, internet updates, news about the network and coming events and information about the Friends of SDPB. SDPB Magazine is available in a hard copy mailed to you or electronically through email.

Monthly Sustaining Giving
Simplify your life! Become a Sustaining Member.

Sustaining Memberships are easier on Your Budget: Spreading your gift over each month can help you give at the level you wish, without having to make room in one single month's budget.

Vital ongoing support: Your monthly support provides steady, reliable funding for the programs you love.

More convenient: It's easy- your contribution can be made automatically from a bank account or credit/debit card, or you can mail a check each month. ! Decide how much you want to contribute to SDPB and how often- monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. You can sign up to be a Sustaining Member for as little as $5 per month. Your membership is renewed automatically each year on your membership anniversary.

Your membership pledge is made using a secure transaction, and Friends of SDPB does not store credit card information. In addition, we do not share any information with other organizations.Your membership pledge is made using a secure transaction, and Friends of SDPB does not store credit card information. In addition, we do not share any information with other organizations.

IRA and Stock Gifts

If you would like to make a gift through your IRA or by Stock Transfer we have the necessary forms available here:

IRA Distribution (PDF)

Gift of Stock (PDF)

Vehicle Donation Program

Support the programming you love like "Dakota Life", "Sesame Street", and all of the great public programming you love when you donate a vehicle to South Dakota Public Broadcasting. Car donations provide crucial support for South Dakota Public Broadcasting and helps them to continue bringing your community great public programs.

It’s quick and easy to donate a car to South Dakota Public Broadcasting. Our donor support representatives are here to help you with your donation. You can donate today with a call to 855-2PRADIO (855-277-2346) or online form and give your support to South Dakota Public Broadcasting.

We accept all types of vehicles. Click here to donate a vehicle.

Learn more about our other membership programs below

If you value SDPB's service to the community, this is your chance to do something great for SDPB and for the state of South Dakota!

SDPB Friends - Matching Giving

Your employer may match your gift the Friends of SDPB. Many companies show their support by matching dollar-for-dollar.

SDPB Friends - Donate your Vehicle

Support the programming such as "Dakota Life", "Sesame Street" and all of the other shows you love when you donate a vehicle.

SDPB Friends - Gift Giving

Looking for gift ideas for birthday, graduation, or other celebrations that will last all year long? Why not give an SDPB membership?

SDPB Friends - Visionary Giving

Members give $1,200 annually or more. They play a vital role in keeping the vision of quality programming and meaningful outreach alive at SDPB.