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South Dakota History
  • Train in South Dakota
  • Plains WWII
  • Boat on Missouri River
  • Map of SD
  • Painting of buffalo butchering by Native American in SD.
  • Homestake Mine Lead SD
  • Sioux Falls Falls
  • Grave stone Wild Bill Hickock
  • Teepee in SD
  • WNAX Radio tower
  • Children standing by globe
  • Map of South Dakota and North Dakota
  • Store in Black Hills
  • Older photo, boy pitching in baseball
  • Older photo US Congress
  • Wall Drug sign
  • Minute Man Missile manakin by controls.
  • Two cowboys riding below moon.
  • Man reading book to children.
  • Teepee camp - South Dakota

Dakota Pathways: A History Take an exciting journey through more than a thousand years of South Dakota history with this Emmy Award-winning twenty-episode history series. From our state’s ancient beginnings through contemporary times, Dakota Pathways: A History brings the stories of South Dakota’s people and places to life.

Please select an episode from the thumbnails to the left. The topics are also listed below.

- Rails and Other Roads

- Stories from the Skies

- The Mighty Mo'

- East River, West River

- The First Hunters and Farmers

- Mining Booms and Busts

- Water and Dust

- History and Legend

- People of the Bison

- Headlines and Bulletins

- Blackboards and Computers

- Maps and Borders

- Big Towns and Little Towns

- Playing Games

- Finding a National Voice

- On Vacation

- The Home Front

- Cowboys of the Open Range

- Telling Stories

- A Dark Day (Massacre at Wounded Knee)


Educational Resources

Educational Resources are available for each episode, including guided notes, crossword puzzles, online quizzes, activity ideas, and related resources. The related resources include additional videos for the students to watch, activity ideas, and more in-depth videos and blogs for background knowledge.

Related Resources

Rural Life and History - Stories from across SD that focus on our state's history and rural culture.  

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