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Educational Resources - History and Legend

Laura Ingalls Wilder Books

Episode Guide

Things To Do

1. Watch History and Legend.

2. Complete Episode Quiz individually or as a group. (Note: The quiz has additional information and related video.)

3. Student Glossary (PDF)

- Print Crossword Puzzle, (answers), and distribute to class.

4. Discussion Cards (PDF)

5. Class Activity - Tall Tale (PDF)

6. Creative Writing Activity - Use one of Kens Bell's unusual art pieces to create your own legend (contains some facts - larger than life) or myth (not based on facts) to pass along. 

Episode Script

Related Video

Johnny Appleseed's Journey | Know Ohio

Playlist title
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Johnny Appleseed's Journey | Know Ohio
Johnny Appleseed's Journey | Know Ohio
Lakota Emergence Story
Wind Cave National Park
Lakota Emergence Story
The Landscapes of South Dakota: Sica Hollow
The Landscapes of South Dakota: Sica Hollow
National Paul Bunyan Day
Lakeland PBS
National Paul Bunyan Day

On this page you will find educational resources for the Dakota Pathways episode called History and Legend. There is an episode guide, additional videos, activities, and more.

Related Resources

Climate Change Legend and Activity

Today's unsustainable use of natural resources is compared to the legend of the giant Uab. Uab, a boy who grew into a giant as he ate everything around him.

Lakota Star Knowledge - Dr. Craig Howe

Craig Howe is the Director of the CAIRNS

Creation Of Moon Phases


Craig Howe is the Director of the CAIRNS

North Star Romance


Craig Howe is the Director of the CAIRNS

Fallen Stars and Devil's Tower


Craig Howe is the Director of the CAIRNS

Milky Way Spirit Path


Related Content

Three Stones: An Arikara Legend

Three seemingly ordinary stones sit on a hill above some cabins at the Oahe Sunset Lodge on Lake Pocasse, just west of Pollock, South Dakota.

Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood

Wild Bill Hickok was well-known as a lawman, gunfighter, and gambler. He had lived in Deadwood for only a month when Jack McCall shot him dead in a saloon.

The Trial of Wild Bill's Killer...

The Gurney Hotel Building marks the site of some of the legendary dramas in the history of Dakota Territory, including the trial of Jack McCall, who murdered Wild Bill Hickok.

Tootsie the Famous Coyote

With a bit of practice and some gentle persuasion, it was not long before Tootsie could change the pitch of her howl to match that of her owners singing.

Nat Love aka Deadwood Dick

He secured his status in the folklore of the West in Deadwood. During a contest, he “threw, tied, bridled, saddled and mounted” a particularly “vicious” mustang in the best time.

South Dakota on Film

The documentary looks at film history and how South Dakota stories, locations, and people have been featured on film since the first few frames of the 1890s.

How the Moon Rose Over Hot Springs

An adroitly marketed mythology of Hot Springs as a place of healing and unsurpassed beauty was passed along through advertisements, pamphlets, and word of mouth.

Finding Amelia

An in-depth, educational look at the life and legend of Amelia Earhart

South Dakota Standards

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