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Decorative - Dakota Pathways Banner, stagecoach pulled by six horses. There are seven people riding one top of the stagecoach.

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Dakota PathwaysPlaying Games

Take an exciting journey through more than a thousand years of South Dakota history with this Emmy Award-winning twenty-episode series. From our state’s ancient beginnings through contemporary times, Dakota Pathways: A History brings the stories of South Dakota’s people and places to life.

Playing Games: Sports have always played a role in the lives of human beings. This was true of the early Native Americans who lived in this region, and it was true of our earliest settlers.

Girl Putting on the Green

This program explores the role of sports, both professional and amateur, in our state's history. For a rural state, South Dakota has produced a number of world-class athletes. This episode of Dakota Pathways takes a look at the ins and outs of a wide variety of sports in South Dakota.

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