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Decorative - Dakota Pathways Banner, stagecoach pulled by six horses. There are seven people riding one top of the stagecoach.

Watch - Rails and Other Roads

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Dakota PathwaysRails and Other Roads

Take an exciting journey through more than a thousand years of South Dakota history with this Emmy Award-winning twenty-episode series. From our state’s ancient beginnings through contemporary times, Dakota Pathways: A History brings the stories of South Dakota’s people and places to life.

Rails and Other Roads Follow the history of South Dakota through the lens of human migration. From the earliest times, humans have used animal trails, streams, and rivers to traverse the area now known as South Dakota.

Horse with Travois

This episode looks at the varieties of transportation used by the people of the region. From roads and rivers to railroads and super-highways, we explore how transportation has affected the development of our state.

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