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SDPB Homefront Stories

HOMEFRONT: SOUTH DAKOTA STORIES is a World War II story collection that follows the theme of “What was it like for you?” 

 These are stories that were shared with us, and we are honored to share them with you. 

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South Dakota Heroes - WWII Stories (2001)

Here are WWII stories shared with us. We are honored to share them with you. A 2001 SDPB production. 

Images of the Past - Heritage of Arms

WWII veterans Lody Brandt, Bill Lofgren, and Joe Foss are featured in the SDPB documentary. 

Dakota Life: Sioux Messengers (Code Talker)

Clarence Wolf Guts helped save the lives of fellow soldiers by speaking his native language. (2004)

Veterans of the WWII Battleship South Dakota - Part One

Veterans of the WWII Battleship South Dakota - Part Two

Veterans of the WWII Battleship South Dakota - Part Three


Listen to Dakota Heroes: South Dakota's Role in World War II (2002)


From mission Us

1941: WORLD WAR II - Prisoner in My Homeland (Interactive Game) 

The year is 1941. You are 16-year-old, Henry Tanaka. When the government forces you and 120,000 other innocent Japanese Americans into camps, how will you react?

Educational resources are available for teachers and parents, including activities, primary sources, and more. The resources are designed for 5-8 grade students.    

Dakota Digest - SDBP Radio (2007) 

Montage II


Don Smith 


Jim Keck


Audio station



Audio station



Arthur Wollman 


Marv Meilus


Tom Oliver 


South Dakota During WWII


Alan McIntosh


Ken Burns 


Wagner, SD Veterans 


 Veterans Share Their Stories (2007) 

The 7th graders at the Agar-Blunt-Onida school district were assigned a unique project - to interview family or community members who served in World War II or remember what life was like on the Homefront. 

Teacher Barb Unruh says there were two goals in assigning this project - to help students connect with their grandparents and other elders in the community and to preserve these wartime stories. (2007 Interviews

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