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James H. Kienitz, 2007 (Interviewed by Julia Monczunski)

  • Branch of Service: United States Army Air Corps
  • Highest Rank: Tech Sergeant
  • Military Service: Drafted, 1941 - 1945

Listen to the following sections by scrolling forward to the timecode.

:00 - Branch of service
1:20 - Described metals (photo below)
4:20 - Forced landing and other missions
7:10 - Missions and jobs on plane 
9:18 - Plan hit by gunfire 
10:45 - Bombing of Pearl Harbor 
12:30 - The Draft 
13:47 - War changes you
14:38 - Letters home 
17:40 - Crew and friendships 
19:20 - Close calls on B-24
29:25 - War was a job
33:22 - Reunions  

James H. Kienitz Obiturary 

This story was recorded at an SDPB event in Hot Springs, SD. 

Images Provided by James H. Kienitz

The image above is from James H. Kienitz's bombing journal. (Click for Journal

Diploma, United States Army, Radio Operators and Mechanics

James H. Kienitz Holds His WWII Service Medals

James H. Kienitz is standing next to a bomber which is similar to the one he flew in during WWII. (Photo taken in Florida, 1998)

Bomb Squadron, 1944 (James H. Kienitz is pictured bottom row, the first gentleman on the left)

Bomb Squadron

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