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Don Zweifel, 2007

  • Branch of Service: Army
  • Highest Rank: Sergeant
  • Military Service: Drafted, March 1943-September 1945

Listen to the following sections by scrolling forward to the timecode.

:04 - Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor - was already in the Army at this time.
:40 - Unit's assignment
2:36 - Battle of the Bulge
4:48 - The winter of 1945
5:38 - Reaction of the French civilians
6:35 - Receiving and sending mail
7:38 - Pass times
8:30 - Germany surrenders
9:51 - Returned to the USA 1945
10:05 - Serious moment in the war
11:29 - War changed his life
12:15 - Received three purple hearts and a distinguished service cross
13:50 - Back home and seeing the family

Donald Zweifel Obituary 

This story was recorded at an SDPB event in Scotland, SD. 

Images Provided by Don Zweifel

Combat Infantry Badge

Purple Heart and Case

Zweifel confiscated this Lugar (above) and dress-dagger (right) from a German soldier. He sent the dagger and Lugar back to the rear of the 90th division in a chow truck. Zweifel returned home with five pistols and two daggers. He had ten additional pistols he had confiscated, but he could not bring them home due to a weight limitation.

Good Conduct Medal 

Distinguished Service Cross and Case

Don Zweifel, WWII Service History

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