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Fern L. Morse (Marcotte), 2007

  • Branch of Service: Women's Army Auxiliary Corps / Women's Army Corp
  • Highest Rank: T-5
  • Military Service: Enlisted May 1942 - December 1944

Listen to the following sections by scrolling forward to the timecode.

0:00 - Joined Women's Army Auxiliary Corps; high-speed radio operator; copied Morse code
5:51 - Prewar
9:30 - Vint Hill Farms Station - National Security Agency (signals intelligence) 
10:26 - Memory of Pearl Harbor; many family members in service; husband in service
17:50 - Censored mail 
18:58 - How met husband; brothers found each other overseas during the war 
21:01 - Time in Virginia during the war 

Fern Leora Morse (Marcotte) Obituary 

This story was recorded at an SDPB event in Vermillion, SD. 

Image Provided by Fern L. Morse (Marcotte)

Fern L. Morse (Pictures taken during WWII service.)

Marching Group During Training

Graduating Class (High-Speed, Army Radio Operation)

Bunk Mates during Radio School in Kansas City, Missouri, 1943 (Fern L. Morse is pictured second from the left.)

Wedding Photo, August 21st, 1943 (This is the only photo Mrs. Morse has of her wedding.)

Diploma, High-Speed, Army Radio Operating

Military Intelligence Division, War Department, Certificate of Loyalty and Devotion

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