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SDPB Homefront Stories
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Millie Kittleson, 2007 

  • Civilian on the home front during WWII

Listen to the following sections by scrolling forward to the timecode.

:57 - Working in a plant at the time of the war
2:42 - K-rationing
4:18 - Family at home and a grandson returning from Iraq
5:40 - Community changed during WWII
6:20 - End of the war
7:05 - Atomic Bomb
7:21 - Feelings towards the enemies
8:00 - Friends in the war
8:52 - Factory jobs
9:34 - Married to a POW

Mildred E. Kittleson Obituary 

This story was recorded at an SDPB event in Sioux Falls, SD. 

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