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Dan F Horner

Dan F. Horner, 2008 

  • Branch of Service: Air Force
  • Highest Rank: Sergeant - 366th Transportation
  • Military Service:  Enlisted, September 1964 - May 1968
  • Conflict: Vietnam


0:00 - Enlisted in Air Force; orders to Vietnam; felt like he was going to die; mechanic
5:52 - Loud noises were difficult after the war; didn't think he would make it home
8:07 - Farm near Wagner; letters home
12:30 - Interest was his greatest emotion during the war, helped him handle situations 
15:20 - Tet Offensive; two soldiers from his group were killed
22:13 - Contact with fellow soldiers and their families after the war; not popular to be patriotic after the war
28:40 - Treatment from others after the war; war changed him
33:10 - Feelings toward others that protested the war; willing to talk to others about his experience 

This interview was recorded at a live event in Sioux Falls.  

SDPB Local Heroes War Stories - Vietnam Veteran Dan F. Horner, 2008

Images and Story Provided by Dan F. Horner


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