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Dave Pollard


David Pollard, 2008 

  • Branch of Service: Army
  • 25th Infantry Division 1st brigade 2nd Battalion 77th
  • Artillery in Vietnam 1969/1970


0:00 - Farm life
2:09 - Drafted - artillery; Tet Counter Offensive; built bases, completely exposed; slept in little bunkers they built 
5:32 - Infantry would search for the enemy, and then artillery would fire on them; constant battles; suicide squads tried to enter camps; always fear, still today 
7:41 - PTSD; constant fear causes anxiety disorder; feels like coming out of the skin; a lot went home hurt and dead
10:28 - Wrote to family; was challenging to write home after a while; killing someone is hard to do, devastating; PTSD; felt like he could not go to heaven because he killed others
14:28 - Still nightmares to this day; in treatment for PTSD; suicide attempt; a lot of guilt 
19:44 - Hated government; a lot of veterans were mistreated when they returned; baby killers; collateral damage; tried to hide that he was a veteran     
22:52 - Suicide bombers were a significant issue in Vietnam: hard to identify soldiers; gorilla warfare; underground tunnels 
24:47 - Did not want communism to spread; end of the war - just left
28:34 - Treatment; suicide attempt - help at VA; PTSD; VA has changed for the better after mistakes they made after Vietnam War; new veterans with PTSD
34:48 - How life was before treatment; substance abuse; explains treatment 

Recorded at a live event in Sioux Falls. 

SDPB War Stories - Vietnam Veteran David Pollard, 2008

Images Provided by David Pollard 

I was actually awarded the Army Commendation Medal twice, as you see two in this display case. The first medal on the left that is green and white with a bronze medallion is the Army Commendation Medal with one bronze oak leaf Cluster, then the second is The Republic of  Vietnam Service Medal with one bronze service star, third is the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal with the device, fourth is the second Army Commendation Medal with One bronze oak leaf Cluster, and five is The Republic of Vietnam Gallantry with Palm Unit Citation. Top right is an Expert Badge With Auto Rifle, the M-16. The medals were given for valor and bravery in going over and above the call of duty in combat with a hostile force.

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