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Deborah Ford

Deborah Ford, 2008 

  • Branch of Service: United States Navy
  • Highest Rank: E - 7
  • Military Service: Enlisted, October 1984 - May 2005


0:00 - Father retired from Navy; joined Navy; lived on bases entire life; son also in Navy
3:58 - Supply and logistics; enlisted in 1984; Cold War
6:53 - Sexual harassment and sexism; training; still happens 
17:45 - Operations on an island
19:52 - Stereotypes of women in the military; military life
23:00- Works at VA; concerned about her son in the Navy
25:30 - Member of ESGA (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) 
27:23 - 20-year Navy career with family 

Recorded at a live event in Sioux Falls. 

SDPB War Stories - Navy Veteran Deborah Ford, 2008

Images Provided by Deborah Ford 


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