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John Gohn


John Gohn, 2008 

  • Branch of Service: Army Guard
  • Highest Rank: E5
  • Military Service: Enlisted, February 2000 - Current



0:00 - Enlisted in the Guard; September 11th, 2001; did not expect to be deployed to Iraq
2:22 - Orders to mobilize for active duty in Iraq; preparing to go overseas
5:57 - Focused on the mission; tried not to think about his family at home
7:05 - Communications with his family were limited; sent photos and video
9:30 - Guarded convoys; security for soldiers getting rid of enemy weapon caches 
12:25 - IEDs; he was very lucky; blessed vehicles with holy water
14:22 - Friend injured during a mission
17:05 - Children in Iraq always had smiles on their faces and gave soldiers high-fives 
18:46 - Some of the Iraq civilians had negative feelings toward US Soldiers; no time to be scared during the conflict
20:45 - Try not to look back; news reports and documentaries are difficult to watch
22:52 - Second deployment possible; tough to be away from family 
23:33 - Constant intel about things happening in the entire country 
25:26 - In Iraq January 2004-February 2005; surreal coming home; hug from daughter and kiss from wife; missed Taco John's
27:13 - Loud noises like fireworks and thunder are hard to handle  
28:30 - Works for SD Division of Veteran Affairs; helps veterans understand the VA; shares stories with other veterans 

Recorded at a live event in Sioux Falls.  


SDPB War Stories - Army Guard Veteran John Gohn, 2008

Images Provided by John Gohn


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