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Native American Studies

Lakota Land - Stories of Pine Ridge

(Short stories produced by Oglala Lakota College in 2010
with subjects ranging from reservation towns, features, and people.)


The Stronghold

Delphine Red Cloud Brown

An interview with the late elder and descendant of Red Cloud

The Bombing Range

300-thousand reservation acres used by the U.S. military during WWII

Pine Ridge

The reservation's largest community

Day Schools

Education in the early days of the reservation

Yellow Bear Canyon and Dam

A showcase of nature's wonders

Mako Sica: The Badlands

An important natural feature of the Pine Ridge

Slim Buttes

An important natural feature of the Pine Ridge Reservation

Buffalo Nation

The importance of buffalo to the Lakota people


The importance of the prairie turnip to the Lakota People

Wounded Knee

The story of the journey

Red Shirt

A Pine Ridge community


A Pine Ridge community


A Pine Ridge community


A Pine Ridge community