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Video Series - PreK Through 4th Grade 

SD Native American Reservations (PreK - Elementary

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SD Native American Reservations (PreK - Elementary
SD Native American Reservations (PreK - Elementary
Native American Winter Counts (PreK - Elementary)
Native American Winter Counts (PreK - Elementary)
Boarding School Video (PreK - Elementary)
Boarding School Video (PreK - Elementary)
Land Stewardship (PreK - Elementary)
Land Stewardship (PreK - Elementary)

Videos, Interactives, Lesson Plans, and More!

Buffalo long bone fleshing tool.

Traditional use of Tatanka (buffalo)

Traditional use of Tatanka (buffalo) is a PowerPoint series developed by Badlands National Park and South Dakota Public Broadcasting. 

The PowerPoint series includes a brief history of buffalo in South Dakota. Also, there are photos of buffalo parts, like a buffalo hide and tail. Your students are encouraged to guess the traditional use of the buffalo part and its location on the buffalo.

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Red Horse's Winter Count.

SDPB Photo - The Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum

Waniyetu Wowapi (winter count)

Amazing resource, including lesson plans, interviews, videos, guides, and more!   

Decorative - Red Bow logo, shows profile of Red Bull wearing a cowboy hat and two Native Americans with headdresses riding horses.

Red Bow

SDPB documentary about Buddy Red Bow, the Lakota country music singer/songwriter.

PBS Learning Media (Search Today!)  Example resources below:

Boarding Schools

Memorial of flowers.

In The Moment 

The Return Of Native Children's Remains From Federal Boarding Schools


Dakota Life: Telling Our Own History

Sisseton is located near the center of the Lake Traverse Indian Reservation. Tribal history is preserved in the stories and artifacts passed down from one generation to the next. Understanding the tribe’s past may be the key to understanding the tribe today.

Dakota Life: A True Artist

As a young artist studying under Oscar Howe, Bryan Akipa was launched on a new trajectory in life by a conversation about mallards. Akipa was born and raised on the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate, where he still resides.

Where Words Touch the Earth Logo.

Where Words Touch the Earth

Students from American Indian Tribal Colleges interview Elders, other students, and community members to provide a Native American perspective on climate change.


Technology for Teen Inspiration

Gary Kills A Hundred, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe, is determined to educate Indigenous youth on the benefits of drones and ground-penetrating radar. His goal is to inspire all young minds to pursue careers in science and technology and create job opportunities in South Dakota.

Wind Cave National Park

Lakota Emergence Story

An Oral Recitation of a Version of the Lakota Emergence Story

Native American powwow.

The Tribes of Dakota

This older radio documentary examines subjects like treaty rights, cultural survival, poverty, respect for the elders, the role of women, urban life, casinos, and the future. 

Spirit of the Dance: Wacipi

Spirit of the Dance: Wacipi explores the history and meaning of traditional Native dances.

"Victory Songs" The Lakota Music Project

The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra's Lakota Music Project has been years in the making. This documentary explores the beginnings of the project and how it has evolved into what it is today.

Step Into My Studio | Story Painters

Art History and Art Therapy find a home in these two brothers from Central Housing in Fort Thompson. Both Jerry and John share their journey and the history of their people through the art that they create and the stories that they paint.


Meet contemporary Native American Artist Randall Blaze | Dakota Life

In this Dakota Life story from 2005, we meet contemporary Native American Artist Randall Blaze.

Step Into My Studio: Inkpa Mani - Stone Sculptor

Contemporary Stone Sculptor Inkpa Mani is creating a display that reflects past histories while also reaching out to connect to the future. You can watch the story unfold before your eyes if you drive down Hickory Street, where you can ask the artist questions and take a stone from the pile for yourself as a conversation piece.


Meet Native American artist Joanne Bird | Dakota Life

In this 2004 Dakota Life story, meet Native American artist Joanne Bird.

Dakota Life from Mission, SD 

Miss Indian World | Dakota Life

Growing up on the Rosebud Reservation, Tashina Red Hawk learned a love of the land, a love of family, and a love of competing in pageants. That love led her to be named the 2022 Miss Indian World.

Mission Equine Therapy | Dakota Life

Tiwahe Glu Kini Pi (Bringing the Family Back to Life) is an equine therapy program around Mission, South Dakota, that is helping the community's youth with their mental health and bringing them back to a way of life their ancestors once lived.

Mission of Food Sovereignty | Dakota Life

Sicangu Food Sovereignty Initiative started in 2014 after food issues were identified after a community needs assessment. The program has grown into a teaching and production farm making sure the Rosebud community has the knowledge to become more self-sufficient.

Sicangu Heritage Center | Dakota Life

The Sicangu Heritage Center serves as the central repository and archive for the Rosebud Sioux Nation. The center is filled with displays celebrating the history of the tribe.


Tȟatȟáŋka na Wáta (The Buffalo and the Boat)

The Buffalo and the Boat - Lakota Picture Book

From the Lakota Language Consortium

From LLC, "The Buffalo and the Boat is an attractive bilingual picture book designed for early elementary and preschool children. It tells the entertaining story of a buffalo in his bull boat traveling down the river and meeting friends. Each different animal joins buffalo and they continue down the river until the surprise ending. Children learn basic verbs, sentence structure, animals, and numbers. Can be used for multiple lessons. Ages 3-8."  (Purchase the Book

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