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Oglala Sioux Nation Pow WoW

Tribes of Dakota is an ongoing project of South Dakota Public Broadcasting to research, explore, uncover, and share the unique history and culture of South Dakota's Native Americans. Perspectives of indigenous people from across the state will be told from the Lakota Elders on the Cheyenne River Reservation, to the Urban Indians in Rapid City and Sioux Falls where they struggle to maintain cultural identity in mainstream society. Photo Album

Claudia Iron Hawk, a Lakota Elder

Tribes of Dakota Program Selection
Entire program (listen) (script PDF) (intro) (end)
Cheyenne River Reservation: Elders (listen) Teacher Guide: Word - PDF
Yankton Sioux: Treaties (listen) Teacher Guide: Word - PDF
Rosebud Reservation: Domestic Violence (listen) Teacher Guide: Word - PDF
Flandreau Reservation: Casinos (listen) Teacher Guide: Word - PDF
Urban Indians: (listen) Teacher Guide: Word - PDF
Pine Ridge Reservation: Spiritual (listen) Teacher Guide: Word - PDF

Oglala Sioux Nation Pow Wow

Featured Lakota Words
Listeners also will get a chance to learn some key Lakota words and phrases.
Lakota word that reflects perseverance, endurance and discipline. (listen)
Lakota word that highlights a difference between Christian a Lakota teachings. (listen)
Lakota word that deals with being responsible for your own actions. (listen)
Lakota word that deals with the value of honor. (listen)
Lakota word that deals with the ability to be self-sufficient. (listen)

Oglala Boarding School Harness Shop

Native American Myths
Unmask myths and misinformation about Native American culture.
Native Americans are said to be lazy (listen)
Native Americans are said to be violent (listen)
Indian Time (listen)
Native Americans are said to be drunks (listen)
All Native Americans are said to get a Government Check (listen)

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