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Three Mitchell baseball players file to move case to juvenile court | Feb 08


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On today's update...

A group of individuals tied to the Mitchell baseball team assault scandal have made a motion for their cases to be heard in juvenile court. The defendants' ages range from 17 to 19 years old.

The state House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill increasing the penalty for the sexual assault of a minor under 12 years old. The current penalty is 25 years to life with possibility of parole.

A majority of House lawmakers support a resolution opposing a potential ballot measure on abortion rights. The debate surrounding the resolution offers a glimpse into the campaign for a possible constitutional amendment.

A Senate committee has heard testimony on a bill involving gender affirming care for young South Dakotans. The debate presents religious beliefs and medical recommendations.

The White House is nominating two South Dakotans to fill open seats in the federal court system. Eric Schulte and Camela Theeler are both from Sioux Falls.

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