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South Dakota congressional delegation reacts to Trump verdict | May 31


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On today's update...

Representative Dusty Johnson says he expects the felony convictions against former president Donald Trump will get overturned. Trump was found guilty on 34 felony counts in New York.

The South Dakota Board of Elections is rejecting an effort to move the state back to hand-counted ballots. The move resulted in heated public comment—including calls for the Secretary of State to resign.

The CDC is reporting cases of a wild parasite derived from undercooked game meat in South Dakota. Trichinellosis, derived from roundworms found in bear meat, was confirmed in six cases.

For the first time in decades, bison—the animal—are returning to Bison—the community. To mark the release, a gathering with music and art has been scheduled.

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Krystal is the local host of "All Things Considered."