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Celebrate archeology and historic preservation in May

May is Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month in South Dakota.

The purpose of the month is to highlight the contributions made and resources available to learn about the state’s history.

Historic Preservation Month has been celebrated in South Dakota since it was established at the national level in 1973. The state added archaeology in 2005 to recognize it as a partner in historic preservation.

“South Dakota’s cultural heritage is rich and diverse as represented by thousands of archaeological and historical sites, historic buildings and landscapes that have been recorded throughout the state,” said Jenna Carlson Dietmeier, the interim South Dakota Historic Preservation Officer in Pierre. “Public appreciation and understanding are the foundation to preserving South Dakota’s past for future generations.”

Gov. Kristi Noem issued a proclamation celebrating the role history plays in our lives and honoring those who "preserve the tangible aspects of the heritage that shapes us as South Dakotans.”

State officials say you can celebrate during the month of May by visiting historic places, assisting in preservation efforts, and learning more about your local history.

Find events to participate in here.

Ryan is the local host of "Morning Edition". Originally from Iowa, he first came to the Black Hills to study at SD Mines. After graduating in 2019, he was an educator in Arizona and North Dakota before returning to the Black Hills.