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The SDPB Sound Vision Campaign has transformed your public broadcasting network since the beginning of the campaign in 2017. 

SDPB has created new studios with event spaces in Rapid City and Sioux Falls, and new recording studios in Brookings, Aberdeen, and Spearfish, with one in Pine Ridge scheduled for completion this spring. These facilities have improved the programs that you see and hear over the air by allowing for better access for guests, as well as providing outreach opportunities. 

SDPB has strengthened our educational offerings with the newly created Early Learner’s Initiative (ELI). ELI has a simple goal of ensuring all children are ready to learn the day they begin kindergarten. 

SDPB is working to close the Journalism Gap as local media companies continue to shrink. We have hired additional reporting staff, and assigned the reporting team onto beats, This makes your news more relevant and timely.

SDPB TV has also reformatted our locally produced programs, “Dakota Life,” “South Dakota Focus,” and “In the Moment,” with the same intent – to be more relevant and timely. We have produced national award-winning documentaries.  

Now we look to continue our growth while ensuring a long-term, lasting impact. The Sound Vision Campaign is at the forefront of these new programs. SDPB and Friends are working to raise $13 million for the effort, in three parts: 

  • $1 million for studios and facilities
  • $2 million for developing and improving programs
  • $10 million for endowment

In total, over $12 million has been raised