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COVID-19's impact on Tech, from workers to information delivery


Today on Tech Radio, we talk about the impact of the covid-19 virus on workers, the public, and families.

March 3, 2020 TechRadio

Today on in the moment Techradio -  the world is dealing with the impact of the covid-19 virus, we looked at the impact of tech – it’s workers, and it’s information delivery capabilities.

Our cast of techies joining us today is John T Meyer CEO of Lemonly, Amos Aesoph, Chief Security Officer at the Sioux Falls technology services company Xigent , and Jeffery Litterick, Senior Network & Security Architect, at BIT in Pierre.

Wired article on cleaning your tech:

An interesting Virus Map:

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Kent Osborne is currently the Director of Digital at South Dakota Public Broadcasting.