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November is Diabetes Awareness Month.

Through special dedicated programming, SDPB examines the local impact of diabetes on South Dakotans and highlights effective treatment and prevention.

Blood Sugar Rising

What Is Diabetes?


This clip from Blood Sugar Rising explains what diabetes is, and how it affects the body.

Diabetes Resources in South Dakota

  1. South Dakota Diabetes Coalition
  2. Undo the Risk (Prediabetes Awareness and Screening)
  3. South Dakota Department of Health Diabetes Prevention and Control Program
  4. HealthySD

National Resources: CDC

Blood Sugar Rising

Blood Sugar Rising: America's Hidden Diabetes Epidemic

Expires: 2023-04-15
Rating: TV-PG

Blood Sugar Rising is a PBS special that follows the diabetes epidemic in the U.S.

The Prairie Doc

Sugar Diabetes, Not Such a Sweet Condition | On Call with th

Diabetes can cause many other health problems but there are many options for treatment depending upon the extent of the disease. Dr. Tom Luzier discusses the options with Dr. Richard Crawford.