National Beer Day: Top Beers in South Dakota

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Today is National Beer Day in the United States. It’s an undocumented holiday that became famous when Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act on April 7, 1933. This act legalized the sale of beer with an alcohol content of 3.2% in the United States, and therefore, National Beer Day was born.

Each state then passed their own laws to allow the sale of 3.2% beer to their citizens and over time, other beer and liquor laws were passed. It was thought (at the time) that beer with a 3.2% alcohol content was too low for intoxication to occur.

How will you celebrate National Beer Day in South Dakota? In honor of this annual occasion, here are some of the top beers in South Dakota.

Top-34 Beers in the state of South Dakota, according to the Beer Advocate website.

  1. Oatmeal Stout – Miner Brewing Co. (Hill City, SD)
  2. Farmhouse Ale – Wooden Legs Brewing Co. (Brookings, SD)
  3. Grace Anne Stout – Bitter Esters Brewhouse (Custer, SD)
  4. Naughty Redhead Imperial Red Ale - Sick N Twisted Brewing Co. (Hill City, SD)
  5. Wickedly Charming Chili Ale – Crow Peak Brewing (Spearfish, SD)
  6. Hot Mam – Sick N Twisted Brewing Co. (Hill City, SD)
  7. Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) – Crow Peak Brewing (Spearfish, SD)
  8. Pile O’ Dirt Porter – Crow Peak Brewing (Spearfish, SD)
  9. Buffalo Bitter – Firehouse Brewing Co. (Rapid City, SD)
  10. Chukkar English Pale Ale – Firehouse Brewing Co. (Rapid City, SD)
  11. Brown-Eyed Girl – Firehouse Brewing Co. (Rapid City, SD)
  12. Hop On Top Imperial IPA – Sick N Twisted Brewing Co. (Hill City, SD)
  13. Hoppy Beaver – Sick N Twisted Brewing Co. (Hill City, SD)
  14. Possum Belly – Monks House of Ale (Sioux Falls, SD)
  15. Panty Dropper – Sick N Twisted Brewing Co. (Hill City, SD)
  16. Smoke Jumper Stout – Firehouse Brewing Co. (Rapid City, SD)
  17. Bear Butte Brown – Crow Peak Brewing (Spearfish, SD)
  18. Brown Cow Ale – Firehouse Brewing Co. (Rapid City, SD)
  19. Spearbeer – Crow Peak Brewing (Spearfish, SD)
  20. Rubia Cremosa – Firehouse Brewing Co. (Rapid City, SD)
  21. Blue Eyed Girl – Firehouse Brewing Co. (Rapid City, SD)
  22. Red Water – Crow Peak Brewing (Spearfish, SD)
  23. 11th Hour IPA – Crow Peak Brewing (Spearfish, SD)
  24. Woody – Sick N Twisted Brewing Co. (Hill City, SD)
  25. Easy Livin’ – Crow Peak Brewing (Spearfish, SD)
  26. Eagle Pale Ale – Firehouse Brewing Co. (Rapid City, SD)
  27. Raw Beast Pale Ale – Bitter Esters Brewhouse (Custer, SD)
  28. 605 Harvest Pale Ale – Crow Peak Brewing (Spearfish, SD)
  29. Honey Badger – Firehouse Brewing Co. (Rapid City, SD)
  30. Red – Firehouse Brewing Co. (Rapid City, SD)
  31. Wheat #2 – Miner Brewing Co. (Hill City, SD)
  32. Pilsner – Miner Brewing Co. (Hill City, SD)
  33. Wilderness Wheat Ale – Firehouse Brewing Co. (Rapid City, SD)
  34. Canyon Cream Ale – Crow Peak Brewing (Spearfish, SD)

For more information on these beers, click here.

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