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Education resources for parents and teachers.

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Welcome to SDPB’s Parents & Teachers section. 

On this site, you will find engaging educational resources. 

Resources for at Home and in the Classroom Learning

Featured Resources

FREE, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more for educators like you. (PreK-HS)

South Dakota history series, with 20 videos, lesson plans, interactives, and more! (Elementary-HS)

A collection of Native American studies resources, including videos, activity ideas, and more. (PreK-HS)

Interactive drawing series featuring South Dakota artist Dick Termes. (Elementary-HS)

Register for the Weekly Education Newsletter today! (PreK-HS)

Old School Science graphic - Science Steve is shown holding a leaf blower propelling toilet paper in the air.

Dissection video series & physics demonstration videos for classroom or home use. (Elementary-HS)

View photos and video from past events and see where Steve will be next! (PreK-HS)

Visit Buddy's website today! Videos, activity ideas, games, and more! (PreK-Elementary)

Online dissection series with video, lesson plans, quizzes, and more!
Resources to help prepare children for Kindergarten. (PreK)

War stories were shared with us; we are honored to share them with you. (Elementary-HS)
Documentaries, lesson plans, interactives, photos, and more. (Elementary-HS)

Video Series on SDPB

Art Basics with Dick Termes: Drawing - Cube Subtra

Video Series on SDPB

SDPB has many video series for educational use. The player to the left has examples from three of the series.

1. Activity Starters is a series designed for kids in PreK through 4th grade. The series includes topics like boarding schools, winter counts, cardinal directions, and more. The series is found at


2. Dissection 101 is a series designed for upper elementary through high school. It includes educational videos, lesson plans, quizzes, and other materials for many dissections, including the crayfish, clam, earthworm, and more! The series is found at Dissection 101.


3. Art Basics with Dick Termes: Drawing The series has 20 individual videos, activities, a teacher’s guide, and lesson plans that could be integrated into classrooms of all kinds or for use at home. The series is found at Art Basics.


Additional Examples:

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Education Blog

Activity Ideas And Current Events

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