Colorful Sun Catcher

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If you are looking for a fun and colorful project to do today, try making a sun catcher. These beautiful decorations will add a little pop of color in any room you have! 


  • tissue paper
  • glue
  • plastic water bottle(s)
  • scissors
  • water
  • paintbrush 
  • a hole punch and string or yarn (for hanging)



step 11. First, cut the bottle widthwise about two thirds of the way to the top.


2. Next, cut slits lengthwise from the cut end to the base, and flare the strips of plastic out to create petals.


3. I like using both parts of the bottle: the bottom for a bigger, longer flower and the top part for a shorter, fatter flower. Keep both to use for variation. You could cut thinner petals, but the tissue would be difficult to apply.


step 2

4. After you cut the bottle, cut some tissue-paper squares to fit the petals. A fun way to incorporate the seasons is by changing the colors of tissue paper. For example, for summer, use warm colors like reds, oranges and yellows. For winter, use cooler colors like blues, purples and greens. If your child is being very particular about cutting the pieces smaller to fit perfectly (as mine was), assure her that you can trim the edges after the glue dries.


step 35. Make the glue mixture, consisting of 2 parts water to 1 part glue, to apply the tissue paper.


6. Using a paintbrush works really well to glue the pieces to the bottle. Apply glue to the bottle, lay down the tissue paper, and then brush over it. Fill the whole flower surface and let it dry. It doesn't take long at all!


step 57. Punch a hole on the end of one of the petals and weave string or yarn through it for hanging. I used clear string because I liked the effect when hanging multiple flowers.


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