The Historic Homestake Opera House - Lead

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The Lead Opera House and Recreation Center opened in 1914 as a gift from the Homestake Mining company to the people of Lead and the surrounding area. 

Phoebe Hearst, widow of Homestake co-founder George Hearst, and Thomas J. Grier, Homestake Superintendent, at that time, collaborated on the facility's conception and construction.

The following video, produced by Historical Footprints, Inc., of Lead, and used here by permission, tells the story of the Opera House from its construction, through a disastrous fire in 1984 to its resurrection in the 1990s as a useful public entertainment and cultural center.

Images of the Past The Historic Homestake Opera House - Lead Built in 1914, the facility is still a hub of community activity.

All photos courtesy: Historic Homestake Opera House

Historic photo - Lead Opera House




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Interview with Sarah Carlson, Executive Director, Historic Homestake Opera House

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