02/20/17: An economics linguistic lesson

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When you read a story about minimum wage or hear a story about it on air, chances are we use the word "hike." It's short, it's punchy, but it also has some negative connotations attached to it. We take a look at the linguistics behind the word shaping our conversations about minimum wage. Also on today's show: New Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt takes control of the agen

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#29. @realDonaldTrump How will you continue to increase the presence of women in national security efforts? #100Days100Qs

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We know that when women are included in policing, given a seat at peace negotiations, and allowed to make and influence policy, the world is a safer place. Will the Trump administration take these facts into account?

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How the new EPA chief can take the agency in a new direction

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President Donald Trump picked his new National Security Adviser today. Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster will replace Michael Flynn, who resigned after withholding information about a call with Russia's ambassador. Tomorrow, Scott Pruitt -- another high-profile appointee -- will take his job as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency.  Pruitt has a complicated past with his new agency.

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Canada increases immigration to build its workforce

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The country uses a point system to evaluate immigrants' job potential

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How an old shipyard became a home for hardware startups

Last Updated by Stephanie Hughes and Bruce Johnson on

How a real estate developer transformed a former ship building facility to a new space for hardware companies.

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How Congress is using an obscure tool to reverse some Obama regulations

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The Republican Congress is using a little-known law to reverse regulations put into place by President Barack Obama in the waning days of his presidency, including rules on gun control, environmental issues, and federal contracting. The Congressional Review Act, which got bipartisan support when it was passed in 1996, requires a veto-proof majority in the House and Senate, and gives Congress a lim

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02/20/17: The connection between mattresses and Presidents Day

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Unilever has shot down Kraft Heinz's $143 billion proposal to merge the two companies. We'll explore why it may have to do with an election in the Netherlands. Afterwards, we'll look at the reason mattresses are being heavily promoted today; Canada's reliance on immigrants to bolster its workforce; and an architectural design aimed at making your home ideal for AirBnb-like pursuits.

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A Houston woman makes a split decision for home sharing

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Her townhome is designed with two units to host short- or long-term paying guests.

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Amazon could be seeking competitive edge in low-income areas through SNAP pilot

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E-commerce giant Amazon is one of seven retailers entering a pilot program allowing some food stamp users to order groceries online. The first states to participate with Amazon starting this summer are New York, New Jersey and Maryland, though other states are working with different participating companies. Last year, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program provided food assistance to about

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In Africa, locally produced comic books are starting to catch on

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Many artists self-publish runs of 200 to 500 copies of their work.

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02/20/17: Not exactly IKEA furniture

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While many might be thinking about the next big thing in software, one Brooklyn facility is focused on hardware. We'll talk about the history and future of New Lab, a building that has several companies sharing its space to build new products. Joining us on today's show: David Belt, its cofounder; Sean Petterson, the cofounder of Strong Arm, which makes exoskeletons for industrial workers; and Jes

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02/20/17: The massive food and soap marriage that never was

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Unilever has turned down Kraft Heinz's $143 billion proposal, a move that lowered its stock. What went wrong? Next, we'll look at a pilot program that will allow some food stamp users to purchase groceries online, and then explore the market for locally produced comics in Africa.

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What designing lingerie and writing stand-up have in common

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Courtney Maginnis, who’s perfecting her work at both. “As you go through the season designing something, it evolves and changes the same way when you start telling a joke,” she says.

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Some of the oxygen on the moon used to be on planet Earth

Last Updated by Christie Taylor, Julia Franz on

The moon may be airless, but we know it has oxygen — Apollo mission samples confirmed its presence in the moon’s soil.

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Trump reportedly wants to get rid of the NEA, which has revitalized communities

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The former head of the National Endowment for the Arts tells us why the agency matters.

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