Obama's Budget Proposal Lifts 2013 Caps, Adds Billions In Spending

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President Obama, shown speaking at the University Of Kansas on Jan. 22
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President Obama says he wants to work with Congress to "replace mindless austerity with smart investments that strengthen America," in remarks that came hours after the release of his $3.99 trillion budget proposal, which is already drawing criticism from Republicans.

"I'm not going to accept a budget that locks in sequestration going forward," Obama told an audience at the Department of Homeland Security. "It would be bad for our security and bad for our growth. I will not accept a budget that severs the vital link between our national security and our economic security.

The president said his budget proposal "will end sequestration and fully reverse the cuts to domestic priorities in 2016, and it will match the investments that were made domestically dollar for dollar with increases in our defense spending."

Obama addressed the expected GOP opposition to the plan, which, among other things, calls for tax increases.

"If they don't agree with me, that's fine: That's how democracy works," he said. "You may have noticed they usually don't agree with me. But don't jeopardize our national security over this disagreement."

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