School Closeline

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Agar-Blunt-Onida - 9:45AM START
American Horse School - 2 HR LATE START
Andes Central - 10 AM START
Britton/Hecla - 2 HR LATE START
Chamberlain - 2 HR LATE START
Clark - 10 AM START
Eureka - 10:30AM START
Gayville-Volin - CLOSED
Gregory - 1 1/2 HR LATE START
Groton Area - 1 HR LATE START
Harding County Schools - 2 HR LATE START
Highmore-Harrold - 1 HR LATE START
Hoven - 10 AM START
Irene-Wakonda - 2 HR LATE START
Jones County - 10 AM START
Kimball - 2 HR LATE START
Langford - 2 HR LATE START
Lemmon - 2 HR LATE START
Lemmon - 2 HR LATE START
Lower Brule Schools - CLOSED
Marty Indian School - CLOSED
Platte-Geddes - 10 AM START
Platte-Geddes - 10 AM START
Timber Lake - 2 HR LATE START
Todd County School District - CLOSED
Tripp Delmont - 10 AM START
Wessington Springs - 9:45AM START
Willow Lake - 10 AM START
Winner - 10 AM START
Wolsey-Wessington - 10 AM START
Yankton - CLOSED

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