South Dakota Election Results

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United States Senate

(Rep) Mike Rounds 50.5%

(Dem) Rick Weiland 29.4%

(Ind) Larry Pressler 17.1%

(Ind) Gordon Howie 3%

United States House of Representatives

(Rep) Kristi Noem 66.7%

(Dem) Corinna Robinson 33.3%

South Dakota Governor

(Rep) Dennis Daugaard 70.5%

(Dem) Susan Wismer 25.4%

(Ind) Michael Myers 4.1%

Constitutional Amendment Q

Yes 56.6%

No 43.4%

Initiated Measure 17

Yes 61.8%

No 38.2%

Initiated Measure 18

Yes 55%

No 45%

Secretary of State

(Rep) Shantel Krebs 60.3%

(Dem) Angelia Schultz 32.5%

(Con) Lori Stacy 4%

(Lib) Emmett Reistroffer 3.2%

Attorney General

(Rep) Marty Jackley 82%

(Dem) Chad Haber 18%

State Auditor

(Rep) Steve Barnett 79.9%

(Lib) Kurt Evans 20.1%

State Treasurer

(Rep) Rich Sattgast 61.3%

(Dem) Denny Pierson 33.4%

(Lib) Ken Santema 5.3%

Commissioner of School and Public Lands

(Rep) Ryan Brunner 76.5%

(Lib) John English 23.5%

Public Utilities Commissioner

(Rep) Gary Hanson 65.7%

(Dem) David Allen 29.3%

(Con) Wayne Schmidt 5%


For complete South Dakota election results, click here

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