South Dakota is One of the Happiest States in America

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In a recent study, it was determined that South Dakota is one of the overall happiest states in the nation. Gallup-Healthways put out a well-being index report, which ranked South Dakota as the No. 3 state in the nation.

Inside the Gallup-Healthways well-being index report they discuss five categories, which determined the overall happiness and health of each state. The categories are purpose, social, financial, community and physical. For more information on the study and these five categories, click here.

Here are the ten ‘most well-being’ states in the nation.

1. Alaska


Credit/USA Today

2. Hawaii


Credit/USA Today

3. South Dakota

South Dakota.jpg

Credit/USA Today

4. Wyoming


Credit/USA Today

5. Montana


Credit/USA Today

6. Colorado


Credit/USA Today

7. Nebraska


Credit/USA Today

8. Utah


Credit/USA Today

9. New Mexico

New Mexico.jpg

Credit/USA Today

10. Texas


Credit/USA Today

Do you agree with this list?

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