South Dakotans Have Chosen Their Favorite Marvel Comics Superhero

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According toRanker, Spider-man is the most popular Marvel superhero in the United States. South Dakotans, however, feel differently. Over 84,000 people voted in a poll from all over the nation.Rankerthen took the information and found that these were the top-10 most popular superheros in the nation.

The Top-10 Most Popular Superheros

1. Spider-Man

2. Wolverine

3. Iron Man

4. Captain America

5. Hulk

6. Rogue

7. Thor

8. Deadpool

9. Daredevil

10. Silver Surfer

After calculating all of the votes and ranking them into a top-10 list, Ranker then decided to go one step more. They dove into the data to see which superheros were most popular in each state. Below is the final result.

The Most Popular Superhero In Each State

Alabama: Wolverine

Alaska: Iron Man

Arizona: Wolverine

Arkansas: Hulk

California: Spider-Man

Colorado: Gambit

Connecticut: Spider-Man

Delaware: Spider-Man

Florida: Deadpool

Georgia: Thor

Hawaii: Spider-Man

Idaho: Iron Man

Illinois: Wolverine

Indiana: Iron Man

Iowa: Wolverine

Kansas: Captain America

Kentucky: Spider-Man

Louisiana: Spider-Man

Maine: Deadpool

Maryland: Wolverine

Massachusetts: Spider-Man

Michigan: Captain America

Minnesota: Spider-Man

Mississippi: Wolverine

Missouri: Deadpool

Montana: Captain America

Nebraska: Doctor Strange

Nevada: Punisher

New Hampshire: Hulk

New Jersey: Spider-Man

New Mexico: Wolverine

New York: Captain America

North Carolina: Hulk

North Dakota: Spider-Man

Ohio: Captain America 

Oklahoma: Spider-Man

Oregon: Wolverine

Pennsylvania: Iron Man

Rhode Island: Captain America

South Carolina: Thor

South Dakota: Deadpool

Tennessee: Colossus

Texas: Spider-Man

Utah: Deadpool

Vermont: Hulk

Virginia: Captain America

Washington: Spider-Man

West Virginia: Wolverine

Wisconsin: Hulk

Wyoming: Wolverine


Do you agree with the majority of South Dakotans, or is there another superhero you like more?

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