Two South Dakota Cities Make "Top-50 Coldest Cities" List

Posted by Nate Wek on

Both Sioux Falls and Rapid City have made the list of Top-50 Coldest Cities in America, according to Niche Company News. North Dakota took the top two spots on the list with both Grand Forks and Fargo. Sioux Falls was down the charts at #6, and Rapid City was #33.

This list was comprised using only average low temperatures, and therefore some cold city areas may not have made the list.

Sioux Falls has an average low temperature of 12.8 degrees F, while Rapid City has an average low temp of 19.4 degrees F. 

Here is the full list of the Top-50 Coldest Cities In America

1. Grand Forks, ND 6.3 F

2. Fargo, ND 7.6 F

3. Duluth, MN 8.1 F

4. Bismark, ND 8.9 F

5. Eau Claire, WI 11.9 F

6. Sioux Falls, SD 12.8 F

7. Rochester, MN 14.2 F

8. Minneapolis, MN 14.2 F

9. Green Bay, WI 14.6 F

10. Appleton, WI 15.1 F

11. La Crosse, WI 15.5 F

12. Oshkosh, WI 15.7 F

13. Waterloo, IA 15.9 F

14. Ames, IA 15.9 F

15. Sioux City, IA 16.0 F

16. Idaho Falls, ID 16.0 F

17. Casper, WY 16.5 F

18. Madison, WI 16.7 F

19. Janesville, WI 16.8 F

20. Dubuque, IA 17.1 F

21. Great Falls, MT 17.2 F

22. Utica, NY 17.5 F

23. Manchester, NH 17.6 F

24. Pueblo, CO 17.8 F

25. Omaha, NE 17.9 F

26. Fort Collins, CO 18.5 F

27. Milwaukee, WI 18.6 F

28. Portland, ME 18.8 F

29. Lincoln, NE 19.0 F

30. Rockford, IL 19.1 F

31. Flagstaff, AZ 19.3 F

32. Cedar Rapids, IA 19.3 F

33. Rapid City, SD 19.4 F

34. Battle Creek, MI 19.4 F

35. Flint, MI 19.5 F

36. Cheyenne, WY 19.6 F

37. Albany, NY 19.7 F

38. Bloomington, IL 19.9 F

39. Saginaw, MI 19.9 F

40. Iowa City, IA 19.9 F

41. Denver, CO 20.0 F

42. Davenport, IA 20.2 F

43. Colorado Springs, CO 20.2 F

44. Greeley, CO 20.2 F

45. Des Moines, IA 20.2 F

46. Syracuse, NY 20.2 F

47. Santa Fe, NM 20.6 F

48. Billings, MT 20.8 F

49. Racine, WI 20.9 F

50. Lansing, MI 21.3 F

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