The Shift: Healthcare Delivery to Rural SD Cities

Posted by Heather Benson on

Kayla Nielsen is a Certified Nurse Practitioner with Pioneer Memorial Hospital and Sanford Health.  She says collaboration with colleagues in Sioux Falls and the advent of telemedicine allows her to help her patients in the town of  Viborg.

“In Viborg, we have this telemedicine that…all I have to do is hit the button [and] connect up and I’m talking to one of the Sanford ER docs up here saying ‘here’s my patient – we’ve got a video on them they can...we have a stethoscope – we can have them listen to their lungs, their heart, and so – you know, it just makes things easier for us when maybe there’s something more challenging that came in to our emergency room that they probably see, all the time.”

Nielsen says as a CNP she deals with a wide range of medical issues – from diabetes to influenza. She says the hospital in Viborg and offices in Centerville and Parker offer an alternative to families and individuals needing attention instead of going to Sioux Falls.

Nielsen says she has the same computer network as the Sanford facilities in Sioux Falls, so it streamlines the process if patients have to be transferred there.