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Grasshopper Numbers To Remain Low In 2014

Following the all the fires and floods in recent years you might think a plague of locusts is next.

But farmers and gardeners can take some hope this  summer.   State experts are pred...

Drug Bust Includes Marijuana, Mushrooms

A suspected drug dealer is under arrest in Sioux Falls after police found multiple drugs at his house.

Sioux Falls authorities had a search warrant Wednesday when they discovered more than two pound...

"Piece of Heaven" - A Brief History of the Mickelson Trail

The 30-minute TV documentary "Piece Of Heaven: A Brief History of the George Mickelson Trail, describes the development of the now-popular Black Hills attraction. Watch Now

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A pool tip from "The South Dakota Kid"

Shane Van Boening, aka "The South Dakota Kid" is one of the world's best pool players. Shane offers some tips on how to set up and shoot a great "break." Watch

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