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Which celebrity feud escalated this week? Find out in the news quiz

From left: Drake, SpongeBob, Kristi Noem
Rich Fury/Getty Images for dcp; Hector Vivas/Getty Images; Scott Olson/Getty Images
From left: Drake, SpongeBob, Kristi Noem

This week, students and former presidents loudly protested. Abortion bans were repealed and went into effect. There were questions: Who's this guy? Who will pay? Why are these so bad? And what is May Day, other than a day in May?

In other quiz news, our friends at Goats and Soda have put together a test of your pathogen transmission knowledge. It's difficult! Come back here for an easier go ... if you've been paying attention, that is.

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Holly J. Morris
Holly J. Morris works on NPR's Training team. She was an editor at The Washington Post Express, National Geographic and U.S. News and World Report, and a college teacher.