Beard Live at SDPB
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Get the best seat in the house! Be a member of our live audience as SDPB records No Cover, No Minimum featuring Beard. 

Beard is Joseph Raiche on guitar, Jake Kerby on lead guitar, Amy Askew on bass, and Jeff Wesner on drums. By day, Raiche, Kerby and Wesner are USD professors. Askew is Vermillion’s school nurse and the “only member who doesn’t sport facial hair.”

Katy Beem: Describe Beard’s sound.

Jake Kerby: “We were raised in the 90s listening to alternative music. As this is our creative outlet, we try to make every song different to keep it interesting. Therefore, we don’t really resemble any one band but use elements from many of that era.”

Joseph Raiche: “The easiest way to answer is to compare us to a group or performer that we sound like. The problem is any name on that list is more what we hope we sound like. The reality is on different nights, we play different sets at different volumes. It’s definitely some subcategory of rock.”

Amy Askew: “We probably fall under the ‘indie rock’ category, inspired by sort of a 90s alternative feel. We like to play around with dynamics and building tensions within the songs to accentuate the melodies.”

KB:How does South Dakota inform your sound or sensibilities, if at all?

JK: “Our songs often reflect the universal theme of bad life choices and struggling relationships. I assume people in South Dakota have these same experiences.”

AA: “I’m the only member of the band that grew up in South Dakota, but we’ve all lived in Vermillion for several years. As a group, our individualized musical tastes and talents are what drives our sound but living and performing in a music-loving town has definitely helped inspire and motivate us. It’s a great feeling to be able to perform original music at a local venue that is well-attended and well-received. It’s a win-win for us.”

KB:How is performing for SD audiences?

JK: “We are still surprised to have fans and to be watching this fanbase grow. SD is great because it is small, and we get to know our fans after a show.”

AA: “Since I’ve been here my whole life I really don’t have anything to compare it to, but I feel like live music is having a revival in this part of the state. There are a ton of musicians in this town, so there is a lot of appreciation and support for what we’re doing.”

KB: What are you most looking forward to in shooting NCNM in Vermillion?

JK: “After our first couple shows a couple years back, we actually talked about being on NCNM and made it one of our band goals.”

AA: “Honestly, we’ve been talking about playing No Cover No Minimum since the band started. We’re really excited to have the opportunity to film it in the studio right here in our hometown.”

No Cover, No Minimum will be recorded Friday, February 15 at SDPB, 555 N. Dakota St., Vermillion. Doors open at 7:30pm. Filming starts at 8pm. Free and open to the public.