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In His Own Words: Dale Lamphere on "Dignity"
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Dale Lamphere and his new statue, Dignity

Soaring 50 feet tall above the Missouri River valley, "Dignity-Of Earth and Sky" is a gift from Norm and Eunabel McKie to the state of South Dakota in recognition of Dakota and Lakota people and the native cultures that are a part of South Dakota's identity. Â A few months ago we sat down with the sculptor of Dignity, South Dakota artist laureate Dale Lamphere to discuss his work, his life and his views on how all cultures might be able to find an common understanding.

Dale Lamphere discusses the creation of "Dignity":

On bringing together the artistic and structural engineering details of the 50-foot sculpture:

On what it takes to create art using elements from another culture:

On what he hopes future generations will see when they see Dignity: