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New Rabbi, Old Tradition

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Daley Plaza Menorah, Chicago
Daley Plaza Menorah, Chicago
Photo: J. Iwanski

Chabad Jewish Center of South Dakota will light a public menorah at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls on Wednesday, December 28th, at 5pm. Rabbi Mendel Alperowitz, who recently relocated with his family to Sioux Falls — becoming the only rabbi in South Dakota — is organizing the public lighting of the 6-foot menorah.

Rabbi Alperowitz is the Co-Director of Chabad Jewish Center of South Dakota.

"We are grateful to be spending this festival of Chanukah in South Dakota," said Alperowitz. "Everyone we encountered on our past visits has been so warm and welcoming, and we are excited about joining such an amazing group of people. We are humbled to be able to serve others.

"The festival of Chanukah is also called the 'Festival of Lights.' Light teaches us some very important lessons: The nature of light is such that one candle can light up many, many candles. And no matter how many candles the one candle lights, its own brightness is never diminished. That’s an important lesson to remember.

"Also, the nature of light is that it is always victorious over darkness. It never fails to defeat the darkness. This gives us a great deal of hope and a great deal of confidence. It offers us the certainty that goodness and kindness will ultimately prevail over darkness and falsehood."

Following the menorah lighting ceremony, there will be festive Chanukah foods to enjoy.

Mayor Mike Huether will be attending. All are welcome.