Evaporation Station
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water evaporation
PBS KIDS - Plum Landing

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What happens to the water after it rains? It doesn't just disappear! In this activity, kids experiment to see how sun, shade and wind affect how water evaporates. They also see where water goes when it evaporates. This activity works best on a warm, sunny day.

Paint with Water

Give each pair of kids a pail of water, paintbrushes, and chalk. Head outdoors and have them:

  • dip a brush into the water and paint a picture on the pavement in the sun
  • sketch the painting in their field notebook
  • predict what will happen to the painting in five minutes.

Have kids repeat the steps above, but this time have them paint:

Image - EvapStat.TwoHandprints.jpg
  • the same thing on a wall of your building.
  • the same thing on the pavement in the shade.
  • the same thing on the pavement in the shade, but this time, blow on the painting, or fan it with a piece of paper.
  • While groups are painting, circulate among them.

Visit Plum Landing for the entire actvity!